03 Aug

Intuit has provided the most essential feature to its user with QuickBooks Online 1099 to fill and file 1099s using a single software that is QuickBooks Online. The user has been apple to avail a number of benefits and is able to solve a lot of time by working on the software. Reports relating to 1099 forms are located under the Vendor and Payables sub-menu on the Reports menu.

To help you through the QuickBooks Online 1099, we have brought this blog in which we discuss the setup and as well as various reports involved under it. For any question contact QB team on (800) 417-5147

The complete process for QuickBooks Online 1099 account mapping

  1. Click on the Vendors in the left menu bar, click on Prepare 1099s at the top right of the screen, then Let's get started or Continue your 1099s if you have already started setting it up in the past.
  2. For the users who have completed the setup process, the company name and tax ID number are already filled in this section. If not, go ahead and enter your company's address and tax ID number. (also, you need to click Save in one section before you can move to the next section.)
  3. Choose the pencil icon at right to edit the tax ID or Address area.
  4.  Now, click on Next and check the box that corresponds with the type of compensation you made. The box that is to be checked commonly is Box 7: Nonemployee compensation.
  5.  Moving ahead, from the dropdown at Choose an account, and check the boxes to the left of all the accounts that relate to the vendors who qualify for 1099
  6. press the option of Next
  7. Click Next again.
  8. If all looks okay in this section, hit on Next. You will now be taken to the "Hooray" screen, where there is an option to either click Go to 1099 E-file Service to allow Intuit to e-file your 1099's for you for a fee. Or you can click on Print and mail forms to print and mail them yourself.

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How to prepare Intuit QuickBooks online 1099 forms?

  1. Intuit QuickBooks online 1099 forms are prepared by the steps that are listed down below:
  2. From the sidebar of your QuickBooks Online dashboard, hover your mouse over Workers
  3. A fly-out menu will pop up where you have to Select Contractors.

This will display a list of the contractors you’ve worked with. Click the Prepare 1099sbutton on this screen.

  1. Follow the prompts to:
  2. Confirm your company’s tax information
  3. Review your contractors’ information
  4. Check that the payments add up
  5. Once everything is accurate and finalized, select Finish Preparing 1099s

We conclude our blog on QuickBooks Online 1099 feature here. If you have been through it carefully, as a user you will be able to file the form without any error. But, at the same time in case of unsurity contact QB Accountants team on (800) 417-5147.

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